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That's Not My

That's Not My Dinosaur Comforter

That's Not My Dinosaur Comforter

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Stimulate, entertain and encourage baby's sensory development with the That's Not My Dinosaur Comforter, one of the most-loved characters from Usborne's best-selling, multi award-winning series of touch-feely books aimed at babies and pre-schoolers. The baby soft, colourful comforter features purple spots and spines to provide visual stimulation for baby and "That's not my..." embroidered wording. This developmental cuddly comforter also features an array of ribbons and tags including a distinctive yellow label with an illustration of the little white mouse, which can be found on every page of the picture books. The sensory toy also includes a green leaf-shaped teether and a mouse-shaped clip for quick and easy attachment to a cot, car seat or pram to provide fun and entertainment on the go. The That's not my Dinosaur Comforter will be loved by parents and little ones alike; it's the perfect gift to develop baby's sensory skills while encouraging a love of books and reading from a very young age.
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